Steve McDonald

About Me

With over 20 years of experience, I'm a software engineer with a strong foundation in backend development. I leverage web technologies to craft robust web applications.

My expertise lies primarily in backend architecture and data manipulation, however, I seamlessly implement features across the entire stack, from the backend to the frontend. I possess a strong working knowledge of frontend technologies such as React, allowing me to effectively collaborate with front-end engineers and contribute to UI development.

As a lifelong learner, I constantly stay updated on the latest advancements in both frontend, backend and cloud technologies. I flourish in collaborative environments that foster innovation through clear structures and open communication.

Professional Experience

Senior Platform Engineer

2021-2023 Woebot Health
  • Built single-use access-code system with TypeScript, NodeJS, and MongoDB, enabling 3+ enterprise partners to deliver access to customized mental health apps for {Hundreds} of patients.
  • Enhanced observability of AWS CloudWatch platform by implementing monitoring system using Datadog and Slack, enabling verbose-logging of infra-metrics that decreased error-visibility time by ~90%.
  • Co-developed core user-engine to implement enterprise-membership functionality using NodeJS and AWS (Lambdas, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, EventBridge), laying the technical foundation to provide enhanced product-offerings to B2B enterprise customers.
  • Developed regional-customization helpline-delivery service on proprietary Content Management System (CMS) using TypeScript, React, NodeJS, and MongoDB, enabling core-product conversation to offer localized helpline numbers to end-users across the US.
  • Integrated mental-health-survey delivery service by converting REST API data for enterprise partners using NodeJS and MongoDB, transforming survey data to meet LOINC standards for LOINC-based systems.
  • Rearchitected core-product module-queue service to store user-conversation activity via data-instances using NodeJS and MongoDB, helping maintain conversational-context for all user-chatbot interactions.
  • Assisted in designing document-management protocol across the org for engineering and product using Confluence, enabling staff of 20+ to follow best practices while scaling product.

Senior Backend Software Engineer

2020-Present EarnUp
  • Architected web-platform for EarnUp end-users to upload verification-documents using NodeJS, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and AWS, enabling operations team to securely access user-supplied documents.
  • Shipped back-end web logic functions using NodeJS, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Python, and AWS on loan payments and automated-processing platform, enabling {Thousands} of user-platform interactions.
  • Created front-end web-components using JavaScript and React for core-product user dashboard, enabling EarnUp end-users to safely upload user verification-documents.

Senior Software Engineer

2018-2019 LoungeBuddy/American Express
  • Product lead for B2B reporting platform.
  • Collaborated with other product teams to provide reporting of metrics derived from multiple data sources.
  • Leveraged JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, Kafka, and ElasticSearch to deliver back-end services with 100% CRUD functionality, enabling booking-platform to process {Thousands} of traveler-interactions per day.
  • Provided onboarding, training, mentorship, and performance feedback for the technical staff, helping junior software engineers with pair-programming and leveling.


Interim Head of Engineering

2017-2018 SnapStrat
  • Created and managed DevOps infrastructure and processes.
  • Worked with product team to develop complex database schemas around enterprise application requirements.
  • Tech stack included: NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Python

Founder, Software Engineer / Consultant

2007-2010, 2012-2017 Lakeshore Labs

  • Provided full stack web development and consulting for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Notable projects include:
    • Development of a full stack application providing analytics for media buys across a multitude of demographics.
    • Development and ongoing maintenance of an intranet based procurement platform for telecommunication hardware.
  • Tech stack across many projects included: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Meteor, AngularJS, MySQL and PHP

Software Engineer

2010 - 2012 Punchout Catalogs

  • Developed e-commerce customizations on Magento e-commerce platform.
  • Managed development of B2B e-procurement integrations.
  • Managed local and offshore development resources.
  • Notable clients Included: 3Wire, iPaq, Gloso, Canon.

Freelance Programmer

2001 - 2006

  • Worked as a freelance programmer on several freelancer websites including Elance, Getafreelancer and others.
  • Provided buyers with small website fixes and standalone website applications, mostly administrative in nature.
  • Tech stack included: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Magento Ecommerce, MySQL and PHP

Skills Overview

Front End Development

Back End Development

Mobile Development

Cloud Computing

Database Administration

Coding Skills 5-10+ years



LAMP Stack

MERN Stack*

Recently used skills:

Backend Development


Frontend Development






Mobile Development


Tools & Workflow

Google Cloud*
Microsoft Azure*

* Used within the last year.
** Partial listing. Full details on technology skillset available upon request.

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